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"Think globally, act locally." -- Rene Dubos, former advisor to the United Nations

Dubos is quoted from remarks he made in 1972 to the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment. Dubos suggested that ecological consciousness should begin at home. He believed that there needed to be a creation of a World Order in which "natural and social units maintain or recapture their identity, yet interplay with each other through a rich system of communications." (Eblen and Eblen, 1994, p. 702)

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Considerations for S Corp Shareholder Employees

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IRS Responds to Identity Theft
HSA Amounts

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Business Bad Debts
IRA Rollovers

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When to Start Social Security

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Business Owner Health Benefits and the Affordable Care Act

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Home Office Expenses of Telecommuters
Taking Your Required Minimum Distributions

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Retirement Contribution Limits
Social Security Considerations With Regard to Income Taxes

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The 3.8% Medicare Tax on Unearned Income
Is My Gift Taxable?
Restoration of Lost Social Security Benefits

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Using a Family LLC in Estate Planning
Social Security and Medicare Update

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Deducting Medicare Insurance Premiums
Retirement Contributions Limitations

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Charitable Gifts of Publicly Traded Securities
Like-Kind Exchanges

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Tax-Free Exchanges of Life Insurance Policies
S Corporation Profiles

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How Working Impacts Social Security Benefits

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Unearned Income Medicare Tax

Highlights from January letter
Receiving Social Security Benefits before Full Retirement Age

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Section 179 deduction or Bonus Depreciation?
Updating Beneficiary Designations

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Small Business Jobs Act
Corrosive Drywall Casualty Loss

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Deducting Business Bad Debts and State of Residency Issues

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Health Insurance Tax Credit and HIRE Act Employment Incentives

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Charitable Donations of Devalued Real Estate

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